Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dear Sam, Jay & Meg

Dear Sam, Jay and Meg,

I know yesterday was your birthday, and I know that we always write you a letter on your birthday, but we have been without sleep now for three nights, and I'm so tired I can't hardly hold my head up. My eyes are crossing and I can't even focus, and I can hear you waking up now.

Why you ask? Well it's because you won't go to sleep at night. We can't keep you in your beds. You have a new found freedom.

Several weeks ago, I ask the advice of the good people who read my blog and they advised me to get rid of the crib tents and "go for toddler beds". They told me it was time. You are ready. After all, you're three years old now!

So we took their advice. Boy, that was the sorriest advice I've ever taken in my life. Now I'm living the life of three toddlers flipping end over end of their beds and partying til the cows come home. Only thing is, the cows aren't coming home, and you're not sleeping.

How can three little kids go without sleep I ask you? I think I already know that answer. It comes in the form of a short little guy named Sam.

Sam, not that I'm blaming you entirely, but yes, you are the main culprit. You have the ability to bounce up like a yo-yo with every thought that comes into your cute little head. I have never seen a kid with so much energy. Yes, I know you're exploring this big world you've been brought into, but please just go to sleep.

Jay, I know we're trying hard to wear big boy underwear all the time, but when you have to go pee at 3:00 am, and you want to pee off the porch, you have to take off your pajama's. Yes, it's cold outside at three in the morning. It's a rough world when you're a man Jay .... you have to take off your pants to pee!

Meg, I don't know what to say. I thought you would always mind your mama, but no, you follow the crowd. Please don't strip your bed and put everything you own in Jay's bed. He doesn't like getting buried in toys, baby dolls, blankets, six pillows, four blankets, fifteen books, your baby bottles, your flip flops that you sleep with every night, and every toy that you dearly love that's in the toy box. Only you can sleep on a layer of 'stuff' that is eight inches deep. When you do that at 1:00 am, it makes Mommy really cranky. Because when you wake up Jay, everyone wakes up. You can't throw the stuff on his head in the middle of the night.

One more thing kids, you can't unzip Sam's pajama's. He has got to keep his clothes on. He can't pee into Jay's bed in the middle of the night. Sam is not a clown .... he's your brother. Don't laugh at him! Please.

So tonight, we're going to try this again ... with a positive attitude, and we're going to do it. We are also going to ask Jessica to NOT let you have a nap today. And, if you don't go to sleep tonight, we're going to put the crib tents back on until you are in the sixth grade. (that's really just a empty threat, Sam destroyed them)

I love you all so much, but please go to sleep tonight. Mommy and Daddy need to sleep just a little bit. A few hours a week isn't asking for much now is it?

Have a great day my babies!