Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Secret Date

I had a lunch date with this little man today. Of course I had to pay, he doesn't have a job yet, and he only had a quarter and a nickel in his pocket. He showed me.

He can't drive either, so his Daddy and Mommy had to bring him to meet me. He's a short little guy and has to sit in a car seat. But I like 'em short. The shorter the better. Usually the shorter they are, the cuter they are. And cuddly too! And he smelled soooo good! Just like a little man with a hint of baby lotion and powder.

He got out of the car and came running towards me with both arms outstretched and was yelling, "Grandma Tannie, I love you. Iloveyousomuch!"

I picked him up and twirled him around since I'm too big for him to twirl me. But someday ....

I kissed his cute little cheeks and told him how special he is and how much I love him and how I dearly love our special dates. I told him that it's our secret and we won't tell the "other" kids, and he can have all the treats today.

He is very into "alike things" right now .... so we both got a kids meal with milk, and he got both toys! He wouldn't share either, and I begin to see the light .... he's only three!

I watched him climbing over the seats and he started crawling under the table, and he was all puffed up and yelling, "look at me Grandma Tannie." I laughed at him and kept saying to his Mommy, "Oh he is so cute." I watched him spit his milk on the table and crunch up all his chips and drop them intentionally on the floor when his Daddy told him to stop it.

Then I watched the man of my dreams disappear and turn in to a melted down heap of three year old boy that was in trouble by his Daddy.

Then after he got in trouble, I got in trouble by his Daddy. His Daddy said to me, "Mom, you can't laugh at him. He has to sit here and eat. When you laugh at him, it just makes it worse. Geesh Mom, you should know better, you have three kids his age."

For a fleeting moment, I wanted to pout and throw myself on the floor and kick my feet on the wall. I was being corrected by my twenty-six year old son. He had forgotten all the times he embarrassed me at Pizza Hut and fell out of his chair and covered his hands over his face and layed on the floor curled up and yelling, "don't hit me Mom .... oh my god Mom, don't hit me. Please Mom .. stop Mom, don't hit me, just don't hit me!" I didn't hit him, but I did want to kill him! (the kind of kill Mom's do when they want to fall through the cracks in the floor and disappear).

Yes, I should know better ..... but I'm a Grandma Tannie! I have an excuse. I'm so in love with the little guy and he is so cute! He makes my heart melt, and he lovesmesomuch!

"Luke, next time we'll go without them. I have a car and it's bigger than yours and I can drive it. We'll both climb over the seats and crawl under the table and have fun! You can have my toy too!"

Be Blessed Everyone and Share the Love!