Saturday, October 27, 2007

Desperation ~

I had a plan tonight. It was a bad plan, but it worked. We certainly don't want to start anything here, but I had to sleep for just a few minutes.

Marlboro Man gave the kiddo's a bath while I cleaned up dinner and the kitchen. Then I went into action. We were going to play, "daycare." Yes, my plan was going to work. MM was skeptical. Actually he was totally against it, but he gave in.

See, at daycare, these kiddo's follow their peers ... and they listen to Miss Patty. They are perfectly well behaved little beings. At home, they are referred to as the 'trio of terror.' They are totally in charge of us. Three of them against the two of us. We mind them well. Megan can shriek worse than a howling coyote when she wants something, and I'm sure if I don't give in to her ... she's going to break the dishes with her pitch. Sam is coming in at a close second and we can't take it. Jay just bawls like a newborn calf and is very persistent while hanging onto your legs. We have to take charge again, and we're trying to figure out how to do it. But we have to sleep sometime. This turning three thing is getting to us ... nothing can keep them down.

So, we played daycare tonight. I was Miss Patty and it was nap time. I put all their lovies on the couch and put one at each end and a big soft pallet on the floor for Jay. I turned off the lights and put all the couch cushions on the floor in front of the couch, and I laid down on them and supervised Sam and Meg.

Marlboro Man on the other hand, laid down by Jay and was in charge of him. Every few minutes I would say .... "ah-ah-ah-ah" and then it would be total silence. Jay and Meg fell asleep, but Sam was still going strong. He somehow had stepped over me and gotten a toy drill and toy screw and was sitting on the couch with a pair of toy goggles on fixing things and grinning at me.

THEN, I fell asleep. And, I snored. And, my neck got a crick in it. And, my leg cramped up. And, my back was hurting. And, I decided I'm too old to play daycare.

So, all humped over and in pain we carried them upstairs and laid them down. Sam took his tools to bed with him. I heard him reconstructing his bed for about 30 minutes before he finally went to sleep.

SO, I figured out how to get them to sleep and me take a nap at the same time ... only I'm too old to play 'daycare.'

Anyone have any ideas how to get this mess of trouble to go to sleep at night? So far, not much is working!

Be Blessed Everyone ~