Saturday, October 27, 2007

Photo Shoot at DayCare

Jay. No Smile. Yesterday I took "school" pictures of a pretty large preschool and daycare. It was so much fun. I was exhausted by the time I left. Everything went so smooth and I was a nervous wreck until I safely had all the pictures downloaded and could view them. Only one other little boy didn't smile. All the pictures turned out great.
Meg. No Smile either. And her Mother was taking the pictures. Stone faced and proper she sat there. She didn't budge. Every shot was exactly the same. No matter what I did, she stared right through me.
Sam. He twinkled. I peeked up over the top of my camera and he just couldn't help himself. It was as if we had a little secret when his eyes met mine ~

I'd love to show you more of the little cuties that I photographed, but you know how it is, you just can't post other peoples kids on the internet without permission, .... not a smart thing to do, so I won't do it. Now I have tons of pictures to proof and get printed and packaged .... and a blog to maintain!~

Be Blessed Everyone ~