Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Marlboro Man Fan Club!

Marlboro Man is getting quite the little fan club going on here lately. I have been getting lots of emails with questions about him. I have decided that I will honestly answer any question you have about him. Well, most anyway. Here's the most recent I've been asked by several readers.

Does Marlboro Man change diapers? Yes, he does. From day one he's been there with me. Every step of the way. There are times though that he tries to trick me, but I'm always a step ahead of him. I'm quick like that. I'm not letting him know that either!

Is his tractor sexy? Hmmm, I'm not sure you're talking about a 'real' tractor here, but yeah, his tractor's sexy. Even when it smells like cow poop and has dried flakes on it!

Does he really have an identical twin brother? He does, but he's the best looking.

Does he really get mad when you post his picture and post about him? Not really. I do think he'd rather I not, but he reads my blog and all the comments. So if he really insisted that I didn't .... I'd have to think about it. Like maybe, make a new blog and show him the fake one ... ha~ He's a rather quiet reserved man .... he'd rather live quietly (without the internet, cable TV, cell phones, and possibly in a small cabin in the middle of nowhere. With just me and the kids of course)!

Does he hate the attention he gets by having triplets? Basically YES. It's hard to get through a crowd sometimes. I, on the other hand can part the "Red Sea" and keep on going. He's a real attention getter these days when he pulls the triplets around in their 'choo-choo' wagons. I'm the one that has never met a stranger and could talk your leg off for three hours straight (If I like you ... just kidding).

How old was he when they were born, and does he have other children? He was 50 when they were born and no, he doesn't have other kids. These three are enough. He's still in shock and probably won't get over it any time soon. At least not in this century!

If you have more questions about, umm him, that I haven't covered, please feel free to ask away! I'm really kind of bummed ... no one ever ask questions about me! *sigh*

By the way, if you're wondering if he knows that I'm posting this .... NO WAY! You think I'm nuts or something? He'd kick my butt for sure! So don't tell ....