Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Me ...

This is us. For all of you out there that email me and ask why there aren't any pictures of me. That could be because I'm always behind the camera. Today is my debut ... (not counting the belly shot on the table moments before my triplets were born). Here I am! This is me. This was two days ago. I got in front of the camera, just for all of you with inquiring minds that wanted to know! (Click the picture if you want a closer look)

I didn't even go to PhotoShop and take off my double chin and 30 pounds. I left them on so you can see the 'real me.' Or, maybe I could say that I went to PhotoShop and made me look chubby ... that's it, that's what I did! I added a few pounds and a little bit of gray hair, and a few wrinkles. ... Oh, and that double chin, it's not real. I bought it at a gag shop! ha~

I want you to know that it took an act of God and a old man passing by, that I literally grabbed, to take this picture. Actually, it was a Doctor that I used to work with, but I still had to beg him and promise that all he had to do was push the button. I set the camera on continuous and I believe the man took about 36 pictures ... all exactly alike. It was over so fast that our expressions didn't even change ... and talk about 'stranger danger' ... look at my kiddo's faces! Can you say STONE COLD & SOBER!

My plan was to set the camera and jump in ... but we weren't fast enough to catch the kids and jump into place and smile, all in 10 seconds. They run in circles ... in three different ways!

The old retired Doctor got his chuckle of the day and so did the audience that we acquired trying to get a picture of all of us in the roofless church at New Harmony.

So here I am .... what do you think? Only good comments accepted or I might not come back ... ha~

Be Blessed,