Monday, October 1, 2007

Who's Smart? .... and Who's Not?

I have a problem. A problem with Marlboro Man. Yesterday he was complaining that he can't take it .... standing in the bathroom for 30 minutes while they potty. It really gets to him!

Standing? Who stands? Not me! I sit on the edge of the bathtub and eat M&M's while they sit on the potties and eat M&M's! I tell them stories and we play "What Color is this M&M?" game while we munch all the yellow ones! We also play ... "One for Me, and One for You!" That means I get a M&M for every one they get ... Whoa! That's 3:1. He stands and stares at them ... well duh, I wouldn't pee either if someone was standing there tapping their foot and counting the minutes and wouldn't feed me M&M's!

Take a chill pill dude! Oops .... meant pop a M&M man! Or, to pass the time, he could sit on the edge and take advantage of all thirty toes lined up and clip their toenails!

Who's Smart? ..... and Who's Not?

Be Blessed!