Friday, October 26, 2007

A Dream Comes True (Part Three)

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He was exhausted and could hardly go on. Harvest was in full swing and he was spending his days on the farm, and his evenings and into the night, with her. The babies were okay and so was she. All had survived.

She was no longer in a daze, and two weeks had gone by and she wanted to go home. Even though the plan was for her to stay until she delivered, the Doctor let her go home. Everything looked good and she would be in a hospital bed with monitoring at home. She was twenty-nine weeks pregnant and no sign of pre-term labor. Everything looked good, and she needed a change. She needed to go home.

Home was so good. Even though she was wasn't able to take care of herself, she was finally home. Determination to stay there, and determination to stay pregnant, bought her another two weeks.

Even though she knew she shouldn't, she had to sleep in her own bed. He helped her up the stairs. It had been a long time since she had slept with him, and she missed him. They had always held hands before they fell asleep since they'd been together, and she missed it. For the first time in months, she slept good.

In the night, she awoke to total wetness. She felt it as it came in waves. She knew it was time to have her babies. He felt the wetness too and was instantly awake. Nervousness overtook excitement due to the fact that she was 30.6 weeks pregnant and they were still very premature. This trip to the hospital would be the final one for her. Ready or not, they were coming.

As they rolled her bed into the surgery room, she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Along one wall, there were three stations set up, one for each baby. A tag hung from the top of each Incubator, Baby A, Baby B, and Baby C. Shortly, they would be here. A surgical team, a team for each baby, a respiratory team, and two Neonatologist were present and scrubbed and in the room. Almost thirty people were lined against all the walls. Little did she know, they had practiced for this birth. They all knew their job and all would go well.

With both of their families there, in the mid morning of October 17, 2004, her babies were born. All, one minute apart. Megan Grace first, then Jay Wyatt, followed by Samuel Von. One by one, she heard them cry. One by one, she quickly saw her babies as they took them to intensive care. It would be several hours before she could see them again.

She was told that all three of them were on a ventilator. All three were critical, but stable. As a nurse she knew this was common. They were premature, they needed a boost for now, but they would be okay.

It was finally over, and she felt instant relief. She could literally breath again, and she had pulled it off. She did it! They were here. Very small and holding their own, and so beautiful!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(November 3, 2004)

Dear Von,

It's been a long time since I've written in our book. As I look back over the last three months, it's almost like a bad memory, what I can remember of it. I feel very lucky to be here with you and I hop I never get that sick again. But we now have three beautiful babies. I wish I could have written in here the day they were born, but at least I am here to write to now. Megan Grace was born at 10:41am, was 2# 15oz and was 15.5" long. Jay Wyatt was born at 10:42am, and was 3# 8oz and was 15.75" inches long. Samuel Von was born at 10:43am, and was 3# 6oz, and was also 15.75" long.

It's amazing that at birth they looked so much like you, and now that they're two weeks old, they still look like you. I love to watch your face when you look at them. You are so full of love.

Even though Sam is still on the vent, they are doing so well. After all, they are only two weeks old. The days go slow for us now, but the day will soon come when they'll all be home with us.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The days were long and hard now. Constantly going back and forth to the hospital to see the babies and getting things ready for them to come home. Meg and Jay were were growing like weeds. Breathing on their own, and doing so well. Sam was still on the ventilator and was taking one step backward for every step forward. His lung tissue was swelling shut, and his breathing tube would come out. They were quickly able to reinsert it, and no damage was done.

Three weeks after their birth, Sam was still on a ventilator and still making no progress. That evening, they had come to visit their babies and as soon as they walked in the door, a nurse met them and ask them to wait outside. They could not get the tube back into Sam and things were looking bad for him. A Doctor came and talked to them and told them that Sam might not make it, and if he did, they wouldn't know his outcome. He had gone without oxygen a long time. They expected brain damage if he lived. He would probably live on a ventilator, again, if he lived. She heard the words, Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, infections, death and her world reeled. What had they done? What had they done to him? It wasn't fair. If he lived, how bad would it be? Would she live long enough to take care of him? Who would take care of him then?

It was a long night, and Sam struggled, but held his own. They both sat by his side and touched his hand. He looked so tiny and so sick. She hummed a song, and he prayed for their baby. They had never held him. They could only touch him ever so lightly, and she couldn't even stroke his head. They wanted no stimulation. He needed to conserve his energy. He was fighting for his life, as she had done just a few short weeks before. So she hummed, and told him she loved him.... and she always would.

Be Blessed Everyone!

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