Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bedtime Bedlam ~ The Saga Continues ~

Are you tired of this saga yet? Or, are you still laughing? Or feeling sorry for us?

It seems for the past week, we have taken turns every night with a new plan to get these kids to stay in their beds. Tonight was Marlboro Man's turn, and his new idea. We're so totally at a loss of what to do, or else we're still in shock that our perfect little darlings have one up on us.

His plan: we will make a big pallet on their floor, all soft and cozy like, with our pillows, and we'll lay down in the middle of the floor all snugged up, and they'll lay down with us and go to sleep! Then we'll pick them up and put them in their bed.

Yeah boy! It worked for about thirty seconds. They jumped on us, threw toys on us, took the blanket off of us, and turned the light on so they could see to jump on the beds.

Reality: MM kept calmly getting up and turning the light back off, then being the "reasoning with a three year old" kind of guy that he is, said, "Jay I'm going to disable that light so it won't come back on." Jay said, "able it Daddy?" (like he knew what that word meant). I couldn't help from laughing. I was determined to not put my two cents in since it was MM's night to try out his new idea. So I laid there with my face buried in a pillow and smirked under my breath. This went on for about 20 minutes .... continuously, giggle, jump, jump, light on, light off, jump, jump, jump, giggle, .... ouch! that was a toy on my head, ... jump, jump, jump!

In the midst of all the noise and cluttered chaos .... I quietly said to Marlboro Man, "is that a mouse you hear?" Jay stopped in his tracks and said, "Mouse?" .... and all three of my little jumping beans instantly laid down beside us and never uttered another word.

After five minutes of dead silence in the dark, I crawled out of their room on all fours, tiptoed quietly down the stairs, and danced and twirled my way to my favorite chair right here in front of my computer .... and MM is upstairs passed out dead to the world, on the floor with our little darlings! I think we're making progress!

I just love mice ....

Be Blessed Everyone!