Wednesday, November 14, 2007

~ Forgiveness ~

After reading the comments from my last post, I sorta kinda figured out the consensus was to resort to bribery to keep the kids in bed since I resorted to bribery to potty train them.

WELllllllll, I sorta kinda did that! I'm feeling very ashamed as a parent, and feeling like I have lowered my standards as a Mother and quite possibly could have scarred my kids for life, or at least initiated a lifelong fear of rodents.

I can't hardly even type the words it was sooooooo bad! Please forgive me, but in my exhausted state of mind tonight, I told Jay that if he got up, a mouse might get his toes! He instantly crawled up onto his bed and sat in the middle of it with his little legs tucked under him until he fell over from exhaustion and went to sleep. Only once did he ask if the mouse would get him, and I couldn't bring myself to intentionally scare him or lie to him, so I calmly and dramatically shrugged my shoulders and made a very convincing face, then I looked him in the eye and quietly whispered "it might." He only winced and shivered once. I promise.

Unfortunately I can't say that I'm sorry .... and I'm afraid that same mouse might have to come back tomorrow night, and every night for the next seventeen nights. I will try hard to alleviate the fears I embedded in my child. Tomorrow night I will at least say that the mouse is cute, and I will add a few really good adjectives to describe him.

Thank you Lord for forgiveness, and I will pray every night for the next seventeen days for forgiveness .... for that is how many days I have left until it has become a habit for Jay to stay in his bed.

Be Blessed Everyone!