Friday, November 16, 2007

~ Main Street, USA ~

Main Street where I live consist of a gas station, the post office and a little home town grocery store on one side of the street, and a library, bank, pizza place and funeral home on the other side. One short block long. Main Street USA. Where everybody knows everybody. The place to be is here, and I love this quiet little town in the middle of nowhere, and all the friendly people in it. It's a nice place to live and a nice place to raise kids.

It's small, quiet, and virtually has no crime. Although I live in the country a few miles outside of this quiet little town, I found out tonight that it is a busy little place on a Friday night. I moved here six years ago when I married Marlboro Man, and tonight was the first time I visited the only little restaurant in town.

I picked up the kiddo's at daycare this evening and took them to "Main Street Pizza and Video." I was quite taken back as I walked through the doors. The whole town was there eating pizza tonight. The entire place was packed and everyone in there knew me. Well, I think they knew the kids, being that they're triplets, and they knew of me. They know I am MM's wife, and the triplets Mother. We got the only vacant booth, and then we proceeded to do what we do everywhere we go!

We had to go potty. My usually shy children were yelling at the top of their lungs that they had to go poop! Being that we are newly potty trained and wearing big kids underwear now .... we headed straight for the potty. No Poop .... but everyone pee'd. Round one! I did it. All by myself.

They had the most fun sitting in the booth and tearing up napkins and drinking root beer while we waited on our food. But before the food arrived, we had to make another trip to the potty. Through the crowd we marched. After fighting over the toilet, banging the walls and trying to keep the water in the sink turned off, we had success. Sam and Jay both pooped, and through the thin walls of the little restroom, I could everyone talking about us. It was good talk, but we were the subject.

"Oh my, she is a brave soul," I heard. Another person said, "you know, she's a grandmother too, and has older children." Well, yeah .... now that wouldn't be possible would it if I didn't have older children. I heard, "he didn't have kids, I'm sure that's why they had them." .... then I heard, "she's my age, I can't imagine." Then I had to walk past everyone again with my little trio all in a row. They all smiled and commented, and Sam who was holding my hand, looked up at me and said, "I pooped big. Jay pooped too." I only heard a couple snickers, but everyone was all smiles. You have to love a small town where everybody knows everybody! Round two over with! We're safe now til we get home! Jay and Sam pooped! Yay!

They brought our food, and the kids were so excited to eat in a booth and drink root beer like big kids. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Meg had to poop. I quietly told her to eat and we'd go poop at home. I couldn't imagine yet another trip to the potty with yet another walk through the very friendly crowd. We'd only been there for thirty minutes, and I wasn't about to make the third potty trip. Meg had other plans, and decided that she couldn't wait. You would have thought I'd taken her candy away. She screamed at me, "I have to poop Mommy." Guess what? Yes, you're right .... Round three! Success!

So everybody on Main Street USA knows that the Siekman triplets all pooped this Friday night at the Main Street Pizza Place. It's a friendly little place, and it's a good thing it's a small town, and everybody knows everybody! Honestly, I can't wait to go back, and I think I'll do this every Friday night! But the next time, I'm taking Marlboro Man with me ....

Be Blessed Everyone.