Thursday, November 8, 2007

Buttons and Voices

You all know how obsessed with my stat-counter I used to be, .... well, I still am, just a little. I love my stat-counter, but I do have to say that I don't check it every fifteen minutes anymore. I've matured. Some. Now I'm more in love with my Live Traffic Feed, and trying to figure out who is reading my blog from all the towns that it list, and wondering if I've offended someone I know, or if someone I know thinks I'm just too cool. I no longer sneak around and check my numbers. That is totally a thing of the past. Actually, Marlboro Man caught on to me, and he peeks around the corners to make sure I'm not up to something, and trying to pull one over on him. He's smart like that! But I'm smarter .... and I have a plan. You all can do it for me!

See that little button directly to the right of this line and up a little? The little narrow one that says "VOTE FOR MY BLOG." Well, I figured out that if you click it, it brings up all my past post and I get a point for each post. I'm not sure what the points are for, or what I'm going to gain, but I do know that I get to watch a whole lot of little stat-counters grow, kind of like a cherry master slot machine. I'm thinking like a tree here. Sprouts. Growth. Multiplication. Yeah right.

I was kind of 'bummed' though when I figured this all out ..... it will only let me vote once every 24 hours. I figured that out after I voted for myself about fifteen times in an hour. Finally the little voice inside the button said, "STOP IT, you're driving me nuts!" I was totally put out and disappointed that the little voice was so rude!

So, since I'm hearing voices and pushing buttons and it's getting me no where fast, I'd like you all to push it for me every day. Don't get on it's bad side though .... it can be vicious and has a very sharp tongue! One more thing, if any of you know what it's for, or what I'll win, please let me know.

I'm not real computer savvy you know ..... you're talking to a woman that until recently, for years, thought html was slang, and was related to her hotmail address!

Be Blessed Everyone!

p.s. this is not a ploy related to my obsession with my stat-counter. I promise. (huh-uh)