Saturday, November 17, 2007

~ Contest Time ~ Wear Who You Love ~

It's time for another FarmHouse Kids Jewelry contest! Are you ready? Get your thinking cap on, because this one is going to be fun!

The prize is going to be this beautiful sterling silver photo pendant (omega choker chain included). Megan's picture of course is not included. You'll have to send me, either by email or snail mail, the picture of your choice. Your original photo will be returned unharmed if you mail one to me.

This pendant is beautifully made, and is completely water proof, and is a one inch circle. The one pictured is enlarged to show detail. I will take a replica of your photo, place it on this sterling silver pendant, and using a special piece of machinery that Marlboro Man so lovingly bought me when I started my jewelry making business, I will then seal your "glass poured" photo forever. These pieces are heirlooms that you will love and cherish forever. Depending on the photo that you send me, I will choose the silver piece to use. I have many different styles and this one may not be the one you will receive, but it will be similar. It may be oval, square or a circle with a rope edge instead. It will be beautiful! You may choose a photo with one person, or several people in it. Your photo can be color, sepia or black and white. I wear one just like this one every day. There is something that warms the heart when you reach up and touch those you love or when you wear who you love ~

Rules for the contest: In the comment section, I want to hear your most embarrassing and funny moments. You may enter more than once. This contest ends next Saturday at noon! For those of you with blogs, please link to this post and pass the word along.

Have fun everyone ... and be blessed!