Monday, November 19, 2007

~ Lucky Mommy ~ Lucky Photographer ~

Miss Megan.She's beautiful and she tells me so too. I really am a lucky Mommy and I'm lucky that she loves her picture taken and she poses like a Princess she says! I get the best of both worlds, her and great images of her!

She wanted her picture taken and when we went outside, she started running to every prop that I use when I take high school senior pictures.
She posed like the "big girls." ... and she has that "cheese" thing down pat. I hate that word!
It was hard to catch her off guard. I wanted natural shots ... she had other plans!

Every other shot was on this tree. She must love that tree because she circled it and played peek-a-boo about forty times!
Then I caught this. I love this.
... and this. I know I'm going to have fun as she grows older. What girl doesn't love pictures, and her Mommy just happens to have a camera.
Ahhh Meg, now's not the time to show me your boo-boo! So I blew kisses to her and she caught them, and it made a great picture.
Back to that tree again. Did I tell you that she loves shoes as much as she loves her picture taken? These are her favorites of the day.
Be Blessed Everyone.