Tuesday, November 20, 2007

~ This Journey ~

Tonight as I eased myself quietly out of my babies room, as to not wake them ... I stood there longer than normal and just looked at each of them. I thought about the things that I am going to miss in a few years when they're not so little, but still yet, they'll always be my babies, and still yet, I'll always remember these days ~

I think what I'll miss the most is the way I can so freely pick them up and hold each of them so close to me. It's as if they fit to me so perfectly. We're made for one another. Someday they'll be too big for me to hold against me, and I'll miss that. I know I will miss that more than anything.

I'll miss their little voices. Although I have repeatedly got them to talk into a cute little microphone just to always be able to hear those voices, I'll miss the sound of their "little kids" voices that spontaneously say the cutest things and only I can understand some of it ~

I'll miss the way they smell, and the way they sing to me, and how it feels when I rock them, and I'll miss every thing about them being little.

But, I'll never overcome the feeling of awe I have when I look at them and know they are mine, and I'm their Mother ~

I read this on someone else's blog, another triplet mom that is a photographer, "look around and pay attention to the little things ~~~ for one day they'll become the big things." How right she is ...

Be Blessed Everyone.