Sunday, November 4, 2007

Potty Update!

Saturday morning we started out with a bang!

We had three boxes of loot and treats and presents (no candy), and we did away with the M&M's. Each one googled over their box and touched and ahhhh'd over all their presents. They had twenty each, and they could see through some of the bags, and the other bags were like Christmas for them, bags and bow complete. While they were looking everything over, we told them that they could have a present if they pee'd in the potty and wore big kids underwear. If they didn't pee in the potty .... they could not choose a present.

We let them choose one present for enticement after they looked them all over. They were ecstatic, and I had my fingers crossed. Meg and Jay instantly had to go pee, and both got praised and we clapped and danced with them in the air and let them choose another present for peeing in the potty.

Sam, on the other hand, chose to pee in his pants. We only frowned and didn't make a big deal of it and told him when he was a big boy and pee'd in the potty, he could choose a present. It was 11:30 before Sam chose to pee in the potty .... and from that moment on, Sam pee'd on the potty and pooped too! He only had one accident, and that was while waiting for the potty, since they all wanted the big potty and not the little potty chairs.

Meg and Jay stayed dry all day and told us every time they had to potty.

Yes, I spent my entire day in the bathroom, and yes, they earned all their presents in one day, except for three. I had saved three for this morning to start the day off in the same manner as yesterday! Bribery gets you every where!

When you stop and think about it .... twenty bucks to potty train your kid! That's a piece of cake and well worth it. Maybe I should write a book on how to potty train triplets in two days or less! Sometimes I amaze myself .... ha~

This morning started off the same, and today everyone pottied and everyone has been dry all day. We even had the nerve to take them out to eat in underwear! Of course, we took along our little fold up Elmo potty seat in it's nifty little plastic bag. Everyone pee'd at the restaurant, and then we went to Sam's Club to poop. Community poop time at Sam's Club today instead of our usual Sunday afternoon free lunch with all the samples! Sam's Club has a family restroom, so we all went in, got out our Elmo seat and guess what? No one would poop! They all waited until we got home!

I can say now that my kiddo's are 99.99% potty trained and tomorrow they will wear big kids underwear to preschool and only wear a pull-up at night time for a while!

Yay for me! No more diapers!

Be Blessed Everyone!