Friday, November 2, 2007

Potty Training Weekend!

Starting in the morning ..... we are devoting our entire weekend to potty training! When I go to bed tonight I am going to pray for God to give me the strength to make it through the weekend.

I am ready! I have two baskets of little underwear. Ninety pair total. One basket for the boys, and a basket with pink underwear for Meg ... and a whole basket of treats to bribe them with.

You see, M&M's are not working. In fact, they are causing problems since the kids were outsmarting Marlboro Man and were loading up on candy instead of eating dinner. .... and since there are three of them and only two of us, and they can yell louder than we can, they were eating their fair share of M&M's several times a day.

I have my armour on, and I can do this! Today I went to "The Dollar Tree" store and got myself prepared. Everything in the store is a dollar, and I think I bought one of ever thing .... well almost. I bought 60 small items. Yes, that's sixty dollars, but we spend about that much in pull ups each week. I bought little cars and tractors, little animals, Cinderella's, pretty toothbrushes, little notebooks, mermaid lip gloss, new bowls and cups with Santa on them, and just about anything that looked enticing to a three year old. I bought nifty pretty little "present bags" and tonight I packaged all the new treats and put them all in a pretty big basket.

Here's the deal: NO pee in the potty, NO treat! Starting tomorrow we're going to the potty every hour on the hour, and they get to pick their very own present out of the basket. I have enough presents to take us through bedtime Sunday night. Granted, we're going to have a lot of cheap junk laying around, but come Monday morning, all the presents will be gone and we'll be in underwear.

This is serious business, and I do have one little minor problem that I need to fix. Somebody, and I won't name names, told Jay and Sam that they need to "shake it off" .... and being that they are only three years old, they think "shake it off" means shake their butts and they shake it all over the place! They shake it all over the floor, and they shake it all over the toilet, and when I tell them to stop, they turn towards me and shake it all over me too. I wonder who would have told them that!

Be Blessed Everyone ~