Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Too Pooped to Pop ~ and that's the truth!

Here's an update on the toddler bed situation! Tonight was the fourth night of "Nightmare on the Dairy Farm" I'm sure there will be many more nights to come. In fact, I'm absolutely positive!

What were we thinking? Somewhere along the line I heard the word "growth and development" and it nagged at my brain until we thought we should do the right thing, and grow and develop the the little trio of terror! I can assure you that we are living to regret listening to my conscience. If the cribs weren't already tucked away in our storage house, I would single-handed reassemble them and throw the toddler beds over the stair railing. For real. If I could twitch my nose and go back in time a week, I would.

I am not intending to scare any other Mom's out there with HOM's (higher order multiples) that are younger than mine, and I truly will pray for you if you ask me too. Just ask me before you take the cribs down and I'll tell you that you do not want to do that. It has to be a HOM thing ... I did not go through this with my four older kids. I don't think ... but that was a life time ago and I'm brain dead now and old and forgetful. My daughter Juli told me a long time ago that women my age shouldn't have babies because I might put them down and forget where I put them. She's right ... I haven't lost a baby yet, but I can't remember a thing! ... and sometimes that is a good thing!

Jay used to be our best sleeper. He would drop like a fly in a bucket of water. He'd pass out at at the mention of bedtime. NOW, Jay is the most defiant three year old and he is NOT going to sleep in that bed. He is large and in charge and we are at his mercy. He orders us around and Marlboro Man has to lay with him, or else he keeps all of them up. Not only does he have to lay with him .... he has to lay with him, HIS WAY! Last night MM literally laid with him and held him there. Jay can scream like a Hyena! "Daddy ~ Daddy ~ Daddy, take a breath, Daddy ~ Daddy ~ Daddy", then repeat over and over and over! In your ear! Tonight was my turn. What used to take three minutes is now taking three hours and we're exhausted! But indeed we are good little parents and we ignore him and NEVER make eye contact until he gives it up. Trust me though ... giving it up takes an act of God and Jay is bull-headed and he's gonna win if he has to scream until he finally passes out cold! I'm thinking this is very traumatic for him ... but I think it's more traumatic for us!

Then just about the time it gets quiet ... someone has to pee! How do you tell your newly potty trained triplets to hold it til morning. You can't! So we all go downstairs to pee .... then we start all over again! Tomorrow night we're drawing straws to see who wins and gets Jay first! I love that little guy .... but I'm not liking his ways! ha ~

Meg and Sam are like little mice. When the lights go out .... they scurry everywhere and grab everything and giggle and jump. There are only two of us and three of them ... and we can't be in three beds at the same time. They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit .... we'll see, and I'm not taking any bets!

I know God is good, and I know he would never give up more than we can handle ... but I believe with all heart and soul that God is up there belly laughing at us and pointing his finger and saying, "You ask for it and you've got it!"

We need help! Any takers for bedtime out there? We're begging! Please!

Be Blessed Everyone!