Sunday, December 30, 2007

Caught a Mouse last Night!

As usual, it's very difficult to catch all three of these kiddo's at the same time and herd them into their bedroom at night. Last night was no different.

As soon as we hit the top of the stairs, they scatter and hide from me. This is turning into a nightly ritual. They love to play "hide-and-seek." They're just too cute! Jay slid under an old antique dresser that we have in the living room upstairs. Of course his head was peeking out and he was giggling at me. Meg ran into her bedroom and hid in the corner with her pillow over her head. Sam leaped over the side of the sofa, ducked behind it and crawled along the wall until I could see him. Of course I could hear him too. "Jay .... hide Jay .... giggle-giggle-snort-laugh-giggle!"

I pretended to not find my little darlings and looked high and low and called out for each one of them. They stayed put and giggled and yelled out to me that they were hiding! Sam especially stayed put. He was stuck! Stuck. Stuck. Stuck. Stuck to a sticky glue mouse trap. Both feet firmly planted onto that little trap that was hid behind the sofa. He couldn't move his feet.

Mr. Dairy Wife had to air-lift him straight up and over the back, and rescue him! Needless to say, we couldn't pull the glue trap off of his pajama's with him in them, so we shucked him right out of them just to salvage the kid! His cute little pajama's weren't salvaged. I couldn't get the glue off of them. Any ideas anyone?

Those little mouse traps are STICKY!

Be Blessed Everyone.