Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Big Head

I am so full of it ... that I have Megan convinced that she's "Cinderella". I know, it's against Marlboro Man's better judgement, him being so practical and always thinking ahead of consequences .... but I tend to live for the moment, and it's just so darn cute how she cocks her head to one side, rolls her eyes and talks with her hands ... and tells me, "My name is not Megan ... it's Cinderella, or Princess, or Sleeping Beauty, or Ariel, or Belle ... or whatever Princess is dancing in her little head at the moment. Anything ... except Megan, and the look she gives me says ... "Don't forget it either."

But last night she was someone completely different, and she told the boys who they were too .... she told them that they were, "The FarmHouse Kids." She said it so arrogantly and so flippantly, that you would have thought she was famous, and knew it too! ~ The boys echoed her in awe, like they too were royalty, and just realized it.

Well ... they are. They're famous to me ... and they are "The FarmHouse Kids" ... just ask Meg! She'll set you straight. I just can't wait until MM hears this one .... I'm gonna get tsk'ed at, with a couple of raised eyebrows!

Humble kids they are not!

Be Blessed Everyone.