Monday, January 28, 2008

Carter Update

It's been a long week and a half since I've gotten to see my "newest little favorite" guy. We've all had really snotty noses and been sick, including me!

SO, today after work, I snuck up to NICU to visit my little guy. Was I ever shocked! This little guy isn't so little anymore .... he's a whopping 3lb-10 oz. Can you believe that? He went and gained a whole pound while I was gone! I was just itching to get my hands on him .. but I wouldn't have gotten him sick for the world.

Today he had his first real bottle. He did not tolerate it well. He tried, bless his little heart ... but he's just not ready yet. He's 33weeks and 5 days now and it's time to start trying him. Usually babies have to be at around 34-35 weeks to know how to suck, swallow and breath all at the same time,without their little heart rate dropping ... and his dropped. His nurse did say that they'll continue to attempt twice a day until he "does it."

AND tomorrow .... guess who is going to give him a bottle? I'm sure you guessed! ME! I will have long awaited pictures tomorrow.

It's really funny, because I don't know the nurses in the NICU since I had my babies at a different hospital ... but last February I photographed the birth of a set of Quintuplets at that hospital. It just seems like yesterday since they were born. The same nurses are there, and I have to tell you .... those nurses are fabulous and I know my little guy is in good hands. I remember Emily W. telling me how great they were with her five little bundles ... and she was right, they are top notch. They love "their babies!" Carter couldn't be in better hands, than of those nurses. I'm so glad I got to experience Emily's birth of her Quints with her, and got to meet those nurses back then. Time flies .... it's been a year for the Quints. I know Carter will do just as well, and it's just around the corner that he'll be big enough to come home too.

Be Blessed Everyone.