Saturday, January 12, 2008

Miss Diva

I didn't take a picture this morning of our new little Diva/Princess/Belle/Cinderella/Queen. But here's how our morning went .... after Miss Diva slept her first night on her brand new stiff NOT washed Princess Bedding because she had to have them instantly, or a "womanly meltdown" was surely to occur. Those new sheets with her Princesses near her head, must have transformed the little Miss a tad bit.

The boys can't touch my bed!
The boys have their own bed Meggie, they won't hurt your Princesses.

Only for Girls! We're girls.
Yes, they're only for girls.

Make them boys go downstairs NOW!
Meggie, it's okay ... they can play up here too.

(Then the little Miss straightened her bed and put all her beloved possessions on top to cover up her Princesses so the boys couldn't see them ... then we went downstairs for the day)

Mommy, where's my makeup?
No Makeup Meg .. it's too early, you have to eat.

I want to wear a dress.
You can wear a dress Meg. Let's pick one.
(Chooses a play Harlot dress)

I need pantyhose.
How about leggings?

I need my makeup on.
(Mommy puts Mommy makeup on the Miss, including Mascara)

I need more Lipstick.
(Mommy paints the puckered lips RED ... adds gloss)

Curl my hair Mommy.
(Mommy does an spiffy up-do with lots of curls and hair spray to boot)

I want my boots.
(Mommy snaps to attention and finds those boots pronto!)

Where's my fluffy purse?
Right here Meggie with all your makeup in it.

Hold me Mommy.
I love you Meggie. You're my Princess.
(Mommy rocks the Princess and tells her how beautiful she is and we're girls!)

In walks Daddy, with a melted heart and a raised eyebrow, and says, "Ugh ... do we really want to teach her all that?"

Mommy: "Ugh .... she's a Princess!"

Be Blessed Everyone.