Friday, January 11, 2008

Salad World

Beef Fajita Strips .... ready made! Seasoned and perfect. Mouth-watering. Visions dancing in my head, and I could taste them just like I was sitting at Hacienda. Wow, these looked good the day Marlboro Man and I went grocery shopping!

This diet thing is killing me, plus it's costing a small fortune. I've ate enough salad to clean the gut of five large men, and it's getting me no where. See, I don't just like plain salad. I like tomatoes, real bacon bits, cheese, eggs, a little ham (a lot of ham), a few black olives, and anything else I can throw on top.

So I started thinking, "okay Tan, you need a variety .... how about a little Mexican salad? Spice it up Girl!" Then I bought the grilled chicken strips too! .... and the buffalo chicken strips. Then I got real creative! I got some Mandarin Orange slices and hunted down the makings for a Asian salad, and everything for a Taco Salad. This diet thing is going to be fun! I'm turning into a regular "Salad World."

The whole time Marlboro Man was pushing the cart down the aisles, he kept telling me that it's going to take more than a salad to lose weight, but I wasn't hearing him .... I was looking for Crouton's ... three different salad dressings .... and the lettuce (4# shredded bag). Do I want Bleu Cheese? Uhhhh, I don't think so, so I passed on that thought.

By the time we got finished with my diet foods and checked out I was exhilarated! I was on a roll and all pepped up to lose some weight. Total Diet Foods: $245.00.

I am SO SICK of salads now I could just puke ..... oh, and the Fajita strips, they taste like raw rubber! Maybe I'll try Chicken tonight or stop by McDonald's on my way home from work this evening!

Be Blessed Everyone!