Monday, January 21, 2008

Please Pray for Susan (WhyMommy)

Tomorrow ..... Susan is going in for a double Mastectomy. She has fought a hard battle and is winning. She has two little boys, a husband, friends and a whole family that love and need her. Mainly, she has life. A life to live and a life to give to others.

I've been praying for Susan pretty much since she was diagnosed. I'm asking that all you readers please pray for Susan as well. Please take a few minutes in the morning and lift her up in your prayers. Ask God to give steady hands to the Surgeons and let them find clean margins. Let her be aware, and hear them tell her good news. Mainly, pray that she will be cancer free, and be able to live that life with her children and those that love her.

.... and in the morning, please share her story and ask those you know to pray for her. Please visit her at ToddlerPlanet and let her know that you're praying for her as well.

Thank you Everyone ... and Be Blessed!