Monday, January 21, 2008

Do You Have a Purple Toothbrush?

Marlboro Man somehow had all three of the kiddo's squeezed into our tiny little bitty bathroom this evening. I'm not kidding, our bathroom is smaller than most closets. He doesn't see the need to build another bathroom in this house. So I always see the need to let him take them, hoping that someday soon he'll see the light.

So, as always, they all had to go pee all at the same time. He doesn't sing the "Line Up - Line Up" song that I sing, because he's really not very good in the "pee department." They get one up on him every time. Some times I feel really sorry for him .... other times I just lean against the wall, bite my hand, cross my legs and laugh until I lose my breath.

Tonight he heard me in the hallway laughing ... and he got one up on me. He came out sweating, carrying Sam and dragging Jay and Meg, and smirked, "Do you have a purple toothbrush?" When I told him "yes, who else's would it be ... only two adults live here." He then said to me, "Oh, thought I'd tell you that I rinsed it off!" and smirked his way on past me, not missing a beat.

Gotta love that man .... at least he told me!

Be Blessed everyone.