Sunday, January 20, 2008

House of Quiet

Yeah Right! I'm not sure what has happened recently, but we are reeling here from lack of sleep, total chaos and disorganization, from three little short people that self-appointed themselves, moved up in ranks, and are now heading a plot to take over our world. (my old English teacher would love to get a hold of that sentence ... ha ~) Just today Jay (above) became the Drill Sargent! He can bark out an order quicker than an Auctioneer! Not just one order either ... but he can keep them coming in rhythm. We have found ourselves jumping to attention when he speaks! Why is that? He's only three years old and only three feet tall!Meg, on the other hand doesn't bark out orders. She screams them at us in a shrill voice that almost broke four crystal glasses yesterday. Of course, we instantly jump through hoops to make her happy ... because her first order of the day came at 5:50 this morning. It's like reveille in their room in the mornings. Meg screams, "Mommmeeeeeee" and Sam and Jay jump up crying. Even the best soldier needs a nap once in awhile though.
I saved this little guy for last. He's "Sneaky Sam", a valued component of the CKHOOA squad. (Can't Keep Him Out Of Anything). Sam doesn't need any sleep. He's up reprogramming the DVD and reordering the movies on the TV at 2:00am. Here lately, he's going down as the sun is coming up, as Meg is getting ready to belt out Reveille. Needless to say, this little guy that is the head of the intelligence department is cranky all day. We all know that when Sam's cranky ... it's a bad day. A real bad day.

Don't even think they're cute. It's all a disguise. They've got it in for us, and they're taking over our world! Fast!

Be Blessed Everyone!