Friday, January 18, 2008

Trickle Down Effect

Being that I'm honest and believe in Pay-It-Forward and everything, I confessed to The Country Doctor's Wife in a comment, that I am having a substantial increase in traffic on my blog. I think this is due to the ad she placed on Pioneer Woman's blog to increase her traffic. That woman is smart. She has her thinking cap on!

At first I thought .... "okay Dairy Wife, just keep your mouth shut", and reap the benefits. Then I got to thinking ... "hmmm, this might work to my advantage." After all, I have a really big cell phone bill to pay from chatting with my blogger friends. I could kill two birds with one stone and keep the Marlboro Man happy, and keep my cell phone.

If Rechelle, aka Country Doctor's Wife, charges me royalty .... I can charge you, and I can make some money, keep my cell phone and talk to Okie Nana and Bubbles all the time, and everyone else that I love. Whew!

All we have to do is this. We all can add each other to our sidebar and we'll all have the "trickle down effect." I just love it when I have great ideas and a plan comes together! Thanks Country Doctor's Wife! You're one smart cookie too!

Okay everyone ... I'll spell it for you. T.H.E.D.A.I.R.Y.W.I.F.E. and be sure you go visit Rechelle at the Country Doctor's Wife, and tell her I sent you! Please go. She's waiting and sitting there eating shrimp.

Oh, one more thing, don't let her header scare you off ..... she's not really frigid! She's only referring to the weather!

Be Blessed Everyone.