Sunday, January 27, 2008

You Know it's LOVE ...


1) You're so tired that you prop your little princess up next to you on pillows, with all her worldly belongs, such as Cinderella paper, a crayon, lip gloss, a little doll and a few blankies .... just so that you can sleep a few extra minutes. .... and when you pry your eyes open five minutes later, you find that she had a ink pen hidden in that treasure box, and she has drawn your silhouette, and outlined your body on your best and favorite sheets and has autographed your pillowcase at least forty times. It's LOVE! Real LOVE!~

2) Your little guy is sick in the middle of the night, and you snuggle him in your bed, and you're nose to nose, all cuddly, and he coughs and sneezes, and all his little "sick bugs" are sucked up your nose. You're trying hard not to breathe, and you start blowing to stop them from entering .... but you know in your mind, they are smarter than you, and they are hanging onto your nose hairs fighting to get in. .... and you know, in three days .... they'll win. It's LOVE! Real LOVE!~

That's LOVE! Mommy LOVE!~

Be Blessed Everyone.