Wednesday, February 20, 2008


When I picked the littles up from daycare this evening .... we went out to eat. Just me and them, at Main Street, USA. Again. It's our favorite haunt these days. I carry a menu all folded up in my purse, so I can call the order in, and when we walk in .... we're ready to be served. That is of course, after we spit out the wads of bubble-gum that's always in their mouth! Sam was telling Jay a secret in the above picture. Funny thing is, Sam never whispered one word.

Meg stayed home from preschool/daycare today and went with me to Indianapolis. This was a first for her, and let me tell you ... she doesn't tolerate lone travel without her "bro's" one bit. Seven hours round trip in a carseat didn't cut it for her. She has Strep Throat and had not been on antibiotics for 24 hours yet, and couldn't attend school .... so she was stuck with me for the day. When you live way out in the sticks and there isn't anyone to watch your kiddo's ... you do what you have to do. Here Meg is telling Sam a secret .... but unlike Sam, she was talking. Loudly .... and saying way too much!

Let me back up and tell you that when we walked into the restaurant ... the Tecumseh High School basketball team was having dinner there, along with the coaches and a few other parents. Otherwise, the place was packed. ... and it's a small "table to table" place.

The boys had ask Meg if she went to the Doctor today because she went yesterday and didn't go to school then either. Meg has quite the little memory these days! She told them, (and everyone listening since we're the focal point while there) that Mommy took her shirt off and has boobies! Two Boobies.

That perked up the ears of the little Main Street Cafe, and earned a few snickers from their Kindergarten teacher to-be's Mom and Dad. It also got a belly laugh from the Grandmother of Quadruplets sitting at the next table that are the same age as my littles.

Meg looks quite proud doesn't she, in the above picture.

Then they proceeded to ask more questions about my Boobies, and all the while, telling me that they have Boobies too. Thankfully they didn't show me. Meg again told them that I took my shirt off and the Doctor touched my Boobies and she saw them. Daddy saw them too, she announced. Of course I just kept taking pictures of these cuties and tried to change the subject ... but they don't fall for that! Never.

So while these guys hammed it up and discussed my Boobs with the basketball team, the school staff and the neighborhood, I could only smile and offer them more french fries! .... and take a few more pictures like I was an idiot!

Be Blessed Everyone.