Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Slick and Sly" and the Gadget Shack

Once there were two guys that lived way out in the country. They were farmers. One was called "Slick" and the other was called "Sly." You see, "Slick and Sly" were brothers. In fact, they were twins. .... and boy, did they think they were slick and sly!

Slick got a wild hair up his butt, and thought they needed a security system on the farm, because the price of cows went up. Sly agreed. So they called up Detective Gadget Shack (dot) com, and ordered one right up. They got the big one. The one that transmits for four miles. That way it would work at both of their homes.

Slick and Sly worked all day setting up their "Gadget." They figured out the frequencies, and they figured out the range. They wanted it to be incognito, so they figured out how to turn the blinking light off, and they figured out how to mount it.

Slick backed up and down the driveway by the barn about eighty-seven times, while Sly stood there with a thumbs up and egged him on. .... and lo and behold, their nifty little gadget worked every time.

So with a smug look on his face, Slick took the receiver home and plugged it into the wall. Slick was so very proud of himself. That was one problem solved. Slick decided that he was one-very-cool-super-sleuth! Sly, on the other hand, was so very happy that Slick took the receiver to his house. Sly wouldn't be the one getting up at night to go catch a thief.

All was well on the farm, and all was right in the world that day, and Slick and Sly felt safer. No one was going to steal their cows! Slick and Sly would be "Johnny-on-the-spot" if someone drove into their barn at night.

Evening came, and Mrs. Slick came home from work. Alone. For Slick had gone to Sly's house to pick up the kids. Mrs. Sly was keeping them for a little bit while Mrs. Slick was at work. Mrs. Slick decided to do a little bit of computer work (blogging) while she was alone.

When suddenly, a voice came booming from the upstairs. "Alert on unit-one! Alert on unit-one! Alert on unit-one!" Very loudly it announced a predator. Mrs. Slick excitedly called Slick and said to him, "Oh Slick .... it works! Do you want me to drive over to the barn and see if someone is there?" Slick told her, "Yes! ... and hurry! You can get there faster than me." So Mrs. Slick ran out the door and jumped in her car, and sped off down the gravel road as fast as she could go. When she got to the barn, nothing was there. So, Mrs. Slick slowly drove home and enjoyed the Rabbits jumping across the road and watched the Deer frolic in the headlights.

Mrs. Slick sat back down at her beloved computer and started to surf. When suddenly, a voice came booming again. "Alert on unit-one! Alert on unit-one! Alert on unit-one!" Up she jumped, grabbed her phone and ran out the door again. This time, throwing gravel, she spun out on two wheels and flew down the road. Out of breath, she called Slick, and told him, "I'm on my way! It did it again!" .... and Slick and Sly were smug.

Mrs. Slick again drove home in silence. She watched a cat pounce across the yard at the farm, and she watched the Rabbit jump across the road, and the Deer were still frolicking in the field by the barn. ... and she thought, and she thought some more. .... and she smiled.

So Mrs. Slick sat back down at her beloved computer and started to surf again. When, again the voice boomed from upstairs, "Alert on unit-one! Alert on unit-one! Alert on unit-one!" "Stupid gadget" she muttered, and she kept right on surfing. Every fifteen seconds (because that is the reset time) it boomed at her!

Slick finally arrived home with their children, and they put them to bed. ... and the "gadget" continued to alert them of a thief. Slick decided to drive over to the barn and look around. No one was there, so he slowly drove home. The neighbors dog chased him down the road, while a cat pounced in the yard and the rabbit jumped across the road while the deer frolicked in the field. .... and Slick didn't feel so slick anymore.

But Mrs. Slick had a great idea, and tried to cheer up Slick. One that wouldn't cost three hundred dollars. She told Slick to take two bricks, non-speaking bricks would be best, and tie each end of a string to a brick and lay it across the driveway going to the barn, and if a vehicle drove in, the rope would surely sink into the mud. .... and he would know if someone had been there, then he could decide what action to take. Then she proudly walked up the stairs and unplugged the gadget from the wall. .... and Slick and Sly weren't feeling so slick and sly now were they?

.... and the Coyote howled while the neighbor's dog chased the car, and the cat pounced in the yard, while the rabbit jumped across the road and the deer frolicked in the field, and the cows played in the barn. That sure was a sensitive little gadget!

Be Blessed my People.

One more tidbit about Slick and Sly, and the Gadget Shack .... they duct taped the transmitter to a post, and when Mrs. Slick drove in to check things out ... it reflected like the moon on fire. She thinks tonight when all is quiet, and Slick and Sly are each in their beds asleep, she'll quietly steal over to the barn and hang a sign duct taped to the post, that says, "Gadget for Sale."