Monday, March 24, 2008

Farm Boys

Jay. It was a cold Spring day, but he wanted to go outside with his Daddy. Amazingly, these kids are three and a half years old now ... no longer babies, no diapers, and the time has come that the boys want to be with their Dad. Of course, I gently push the issue. I quietly whisper little things like, "Hey boys, Daddy is leaving. Wanna go with him?" Then I yell out .... "Hey Von, they're crying and want to go with you. Can they go for a bit?" (hehehehehe, he's not sneaking out and leaving me with three kids ... no sirree!) Then it's a mad rush to get boots and jackets on, and herd them out the door before he changes his mind. Whew! That's hard work!
Sam. Dirt streaked face and the best little helper on earth. He too wanted to go outside and help his Daddy. Yes! I love it when he wants to do that .... of course, I love spending time with my kids. Really I do. I only have a few moments of guilt when I boot them out the door.

But they're farm boys, and I have to remember that .... and farm boys are supposed to go outside with their Daddy and learn stuff. They're supposed to learn cow and farm stuff, and all about tractors and things like that. It's their job. It's their roots! Their destiny! So I know deep in my heart I did the right thing by shoving them outside in the cold.

Well, it really wasn't that cold. I'm just overprotective and probably over-dressed them, and I even took the lining out of their coat. It's a Mom thing! You can't kick your kids out without a coat .... would look bad you know! The neighborhood would talk .... sigh.

Farm Boys I tell you! Jay was yelling for Sam to run fast. There's work to do!
Not that I would trade in my kids or anything, but I used to feel a little bit sorry for Meg being the only little girl here. No play mates for her. She's so prissy she won't go outside with the boys ... I'd really be pushing it with Marlboro Man if I sent all three outside to work on the farm.
I knew God knew what he was doing when he gave us two boys and one girl! Me and that prissy little girl get to stay in where it's warm and talk about shopping and lipstick!
Be Blessed Everyone!