Monday, March 10, 2008

The FarmHouse Kids

Sam's media center. Just ask Sam. He owns this theater ... lock, stock and barrel. He is in charge of movie hour at this house and he only chooses the movie. Of course, he takes about fifteen minutes to choose the movie and it's always the same movie. We are wearing out "Bob the Beel-dor."

Secretly, I am ready for a change, but Sam is not! I think, dream and hum Bob, and Bob is really getting on my nerves these days. Really. I find myself asking myself the ten-thousand dollar question before I do anything .... "can we do it? yes, we can!" Do you know how annoying it is to hear Bob the Beel-dor and say the chant before you start an IV in someone? It's disgusting to be a well rounded mature adult who thinks in Bob terms with every move because of a three year old that loves his Bob the Beel-dor! So, we're making some changes.

Yesterday I cleaned their room and rearranged things in order to make more room for some "floor activities and lessons." We're going to start doing homework in their room! I want them to love their room, and I want their room to be cozy and warm and inviting .... mainly, I want them to want to be in there doing something other than watching Bob the Beel-Dor!

When you have triplets .... it's all about choices and entertainment, so we might as well make a few good choices and entertain them in a good way. So their room is turning into their "class room" over the next week or so.

The first thing I did was to label it their room! I found an awesome site that lets you choose whatever saying you want and turn it into stickers that look painted or stenciled. So up by the ceiling between the boys bed ..... it says who they are: "The FarmHouse Kids."

I've ordered three more quotes for their walls that will be here soon. I wrote a little prayer for each one of them and will put it on the wall above their beds.

We have three of these desks that I've had since they were babies ... and now they're finally big enough to use them. We're going to load them up with their supplies and start doing school work and keep busier learning things rather than having just free play on weekends all the time. I'm going to get to be the Teacher .... and I'm sure Sam will get to be the leader some of the time.

Looking at this little desk and just thinking of how much they'll love sitting at their own desk and learning their school work just melts my heart. I still haven't processed the fact that I have them ... and I certainly can't believe that they're three and a half years old and are so hungry for knowledge.

So Good-Bye Bob the Beel-Dor! .... we're moving on!

Be Blessed Everyone.