Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lady Bugs

This morning I woke up to this. You have to go visit Nan at her blog to see the full post. She is hilarious! It made my day! It also made me cough because I laughed so much! Having Pneumonia isn't much fun!

The funny thing that I haven't told Nan is that this little tune is driving me nuts too, and has been running through my head non-stop since Saturday! It's very addicting! But I love it.

When I first heard this little jingle, I thought of my Mother-in-Law that I truly loved from the bottom of my heart. I think about her often and especially when I see Ladybugs. She was always on a mission to get rid of them, and they were so plentiful that she could never get them all.

So I started looking at Ladybugs differently after Mom passed away. I saw them as cute, busy little creatures ... just like Mom was. She was a joy in my life and I miss her so much. There are days I look at my kids and just would give anything if they could have met her. Then I see a Ladybug and they make me smile! So in my heart, I like to think that Mom knows my kids, for her presence is always with us.

You didn't even know it Nan, but thanks for the reminder of her this morning! Her birthday is coming up next week and you gave me a great reminder of someone I really loved.

If the little Ladybug song isn't playing when you read this .... you can scroll down to the bottom and click it. It will make you smile!

Have a Blessed Day Everyone!