Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Simple Things

It's really funny how kids see things. It's always entirely different than how we as adults view things. These are just empty jugs .... just worthless plastic that hadn't made it out to the "recycle rope" yet.

But through my Little's eyes, they didn't see trash. They saw these as something to treasure, and they saw these as something new, something that came in three's, and something that is for boys and something that is for a girl. I have to sit here and smile as I think back to last night and the things I heard them say about these jugs.

Marlboro Man picked the kids up from his sister's house last night about 8:00. She's been so good to keep them the last two evenings since I've been sick. So when they walked in the back door, the first thing they spotted were these empty fabric softener bottles.

Sam was first to grab them, and as the "leader" he gave each of them a jug. He handed Jay a blue one and a Meg a pink one, and he kept a blue one. The boys were so excited to have a new colorful jug, even though they didn't have a clue what it was. They had so much fun throwing them up in the air and were talking a mile a minute about their new found treat.

With wide eyes, Megan instantly grabbed her pink bottle, hugged it to her chest and exclaimed, "Oh-My-Goodness! It's Pink. Did you buy it for me Mommy? Just for me?"

I sure did Meggie .... just for you, just because it's pink.

Such simple things .... just melt your heart when you're a Mom.