Tuesday, March 4, 2008

They Know What Love Is ...

Tonight, I turned around and I saw these kids differently. I saw them no longer as my babies, but as little kids. They talk to me and they talk to each other with meaningful conversations and they mean what they say ... to me and to each other.

All about Sam!

He's the sweetest little guy and he's a leader. He's the quickest temper and he's the softest heart. He loves his animals as if they were real. He cuddles them and holds them and strokes their faces and kisses them. He loves them. He loves me. He tells me so. He rubs his cheeks on mine and tells me, "we're so soft." He feels his love in his heart, and he talks about it. He knows what Love is ....

Megan. Her voice is so sweet. She tells me that mine is too. She says that she is my baby, and that she loves me so much. I love her too. It's been so many years since I had daughter this young. I almost forgot how sweet it is. She talks about love, and girl things and how we'll go shopping and be the bestest of friends together and forever. How can she know this at her age? She knows, and she knows what love is ... So do I. I feel it in my heart.

All about Jay.

How lucky can one Mommy be. He's tender. He's sharp. He's quick. He wears his heart on the outside and we watch it softly beat. It beats with love for his sister and his brother, and he's always ready to take care of them when they hurt. He loves them. He tells them so. He loves me too. He says it every time the thought enters his mind .... and it's often. He smiles all the time, he's happy and winks at me like he has a secret. ... and he does. He knows what love is.

It's so wonderful to watch these kids grow. I sometimes wonder what did I do to deserve this. This opportunity doesn't come along very often in a woman's life to have this kind of love in triplicate. I'm so very blessed ... and so are they.

Be Blessed Everyone.