Thursday, March 27, 2008

Orange Pop and Candy

I could rant and rant about how cute my kids are, but I won't. I don't want them to get big headed. They have super-sonic hearing and repeat everything these days, even if I don't say it. I believe that they can even read my mind. I think a thought and they run. It happens every time! I tried for 10 minutes to get them to sit on these concrete blocks out by a barn ... "No Way!" Sam said, "It's dirty!" I had to bribe them with Orange Pop and candy to sit down ... and they still wouldn't look at me. I really hate posed pictures at this age. It's hard. I don't have enough pockets for all the candy it would take to get them to look at me and smile.

Now Jay, on the other hand, ran all over the yard today wanting his picture taken. That was after I started talking about the Orange Pop and Candy. He was running place to place and literally begging for me to shoot him. That's shoot with a camera for anyone that tends to get radical.

Sam only stood still because I threatened him. No Pop! No Candy! No Food! No Water! No Toys! Nothing ..... for seventeen more years if he didn't stand there and smile. He did it! For a split second and he shot off like a lighten bolt. He had places to go and things to do .....

Jay even wanted his pictures taken twice in the same spot. Then he ask if he gets two Orange Pops and Two Candies. Now that's a smart kid. He's got it going on and adding it all up!

These two decided to work in the muddy garden before I caught up with them. Jay was planting Green Beans and Sam was planting Corn! Marlboro Man had not taken down the Tomato cages and they still have Tomatoes hanging on them. Sam and Jay found them! .... nothing more to add about that, except mushy rotten tomatoes that hung all winter are gross. So were my boys. MM is headed for trouble now ...

After wiping their hands on the grass .... they jumped on here and talked about Orange Pop and Candy!
Poor kids! I had to tell them that they can have it after Dinner .... it didn't go over well and I had to drag them in the house kicking and screaming! Summer is almost here! They're going to love all the Orange Pop and Candy they'll get if only they'll let me take their picture!
Be Blessed Everyone.