Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bug Juice

I promise I didn't beat them. Really I didn't. I wanted too ... but since they can use the phone now ... I was afraid they'd call 911 or CPS on me.
Actually CPS might have backed me up on this one!

Here's the skinny on this post: this evening I had to go start an IV and get it going before I could leave the city. Marlboro Man had to stop milking cows to pick the kids up from daycare, and as soon as I got home, I loaded the kids up and headed half way back to town to "Subway" to meet up with my son Josh and feed the kids.

It was great to see Josh and catch up on Luke and Carter. A Grandma has to do that every once in a while you know!

The Littles were so well behaved and such perfect little angels in the restaurant, I let my guard down. Boy did I ever!

Josh helped me strap them back into their car seats before we parted ways ... and he handed them their orange "Bug Juice" (drink). That was a fatal mistake. Although at the time I thought it was okay. After all, I could see them, and they had just won the "I'm perfect" award!

They sang songs and giggled on the drive home and kept the spout closed on their Bug Juice ... just like I told them to do. Then the phone rang! ... and I got to talking, .... and they got to giggling. Complete belly laughs!

Then. I looked in the mirror. They were completely soaked with Bug Juice. It was running down their faces and their heads were saturated with the sticky orange syrupy stuff.

The moment they made eye contact with me ..... all giggles ended and it was dead silence in the car. No one made a peep and I didn't say a word. (It's all about choosing your battles with three year olds these days.) They just starred at me, and finally I told them they were in trouble. Big trouble.

When we got home and I unstrapped them from the wet car seats, they ran up to the back door and into the house and instantly started crying and telling their Daddy that they were in BIG TROUBLE!

My camera just couldn't resist. I think I have a big job ahead of me in the morning, and it involves a saturated sticky backseat in a Toyota!

Be Blessed Everyone.