Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Picnic with Daddy

Yesterday evening after work I picked the kids up and we made a plan. It involved a surprise picnic and their Daddy. So off to "Bernies" we went to buy a Slushie and a Lunchable.

We talked all the way over to the farm about our "picnic at Grandma's house", and how we were going to sit on the big rocks and watch the cows while they were eating. They were so excited and chattered like this was the biggest thing in the world to them.

Even though their Grandparents both passed away shortly before they were born, they know them. They talk about them and talk to their pictures, and they make up the most vivid stories these days.

It's so important to me that they know the Grandparents they never met. I show them the sign on the milk house that has their Grandfather's name, and we say the letters that spell out his name. Irvan Siekman. I tell them how he used to milk the cows there a long time ago, and he taught their Daddy how to milk a cow. .... and they love to climb on the tractors that he used to drive. We talk about the flowers he planted as we walk through the yard, and we peek in the many birdhouses that he put up. They love the stories, and they ask many questions as we walk around the house their Daddy grew up in.

We peek in the windows and they ask if their Grandma is in there ... and I tell them that her presence is everywhere, but she lives in Heaven now. We talk about how she would love to hold their little hands and walk with them, and how much she would have loved them ... if only she could be here. They don't fully understand Heaven yet ... but for now, their Grandparents are still with them, and for now ... that is what they need to know.

Our picnic didn't happen at Grandma's house yesterday because their Daddy was already on his way home, so we did the next best thing ... they shared their snackie with him in our front yard, at their little picnic table, and we talked about Grandma and Grandpa, and all the fun things they would do ... if only they were still here.

Be Blessed Everyone.