Sunday, April 13, 2008

Confession of a Bad Mother

I did something very bad today, and I have to confess to cleanse my soul, or else it will eat at me forever until I dry up and blow away.

You see ... I've been awake for One Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Six days (1,266). That's how old my Littles are. I'm exhausted, and I really needed some sleep. When you're up for over three years ... you start to act a little goofy!

Once I finally got them to sleep this afternoon, I had so much to do (check my statcounter) that I couldn't take a nap when they did, then time got away from me, and darn it, before I knew it ... they were up and running again. They tend to do that when they come with built in playmates.

When I just couldn't take it anymore and I thought they desperately needed to sit in their beds and watch "Bob the Builder" ... I locked us in their room, and kicked back in the recliner A.N.D. totally passed out. Like a drunk sailor. Dead to the world. My poor kids were on their own to fend for themselves. I'm so ashamed.

Somewhere in my trance I felt like I was suffocating and getting buried alive. I wasn't dreaming. My cute little self-surviving triplets ... since their Mother left them unattended in a safe locked room with nothing but a bunch of toys and a passed out Mommy ... piled every pillow, every toy, every blanket and then, they used me as their personal trampoline!

They were jumping from Sam's bed, to on top of ME! The giggles were hysterical, and so was the mess. Somehow, I didn't feel a thing until I was completely buried under everything in their room.

Then I got caught sleeping on the job. The big kid in the picture came a knocking ... and the fun began all over again.

I DO NOT recommend that anyone ever try to stay up for three and a half years. It makes you crazy. Now I feel better ... I've confessed that I left my children unattended, and the burden of guilt is lifted forever! I kid. I kid.

Now I have to go clean their room .... **sigh** (the price you pay for sleep)

Be Blessed Everyone.