Saturday, April 12, 2008

Laundry Fairy

We've desperately tried for the last several months ... or even more, to get these kids to dress themselves. No Luck. No Success. Not even with the bestest of bribes. We've literally had to do everything for them.

Well, let me tell you .... today it all changed. They miraculously started putting their own clothes on .. all by themselves, and then taking them off and redressing again. Something must have clicked in one of their little heads ... one is all that it takes since they're "monkey see - monkey do" around here.

I kept track. Jay changed his clothes seven times today. That is completely. One drop of water or pee and he needs a new outfit. Socks included. Sam was constantly on the floor putting on different pants. He needed to wear his "favorites," and then he kept checking to see if he had on "Lightening McQueen" underwear. He did ... until we ran out and then he had to wear "Mickey Mouse." Sam too, can't get one thing on his clothes, or we have to change them.

Meg, on the other hand ... well, what can I say? She's woman, and she changed faster than the electric meter was spinning, just because the boys did.

I counted 27 socks, 13 pairs of pants and 11 shirts! I wonder if they think we have a Laundry Fairy that lives here!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Speaking of Pee .... a couple of days ago I took the kiddo's into the little local market on Main Street, USA ... and as I was trying to get them to hold hands so we could walk in ... Sam downed his "panties" and stood facing Main Street and pee'd in a flowerpot with his jeans down around his ankles. Everyone in the store was smiling at his little bare butt! Only in a small town ....