Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Egg Hunt 2008

Yes, I know everyone has already posted Easter pictures .... but I made a big mistake. I got to the Easter Egg hunt with my camera and bag in hand and had left all my CF cards at home. Therefore, I didn't get to take the 487 pictures that I would have normally taken, and my kids did not have "Retina Burn" or "Flash Spots" before their eyes, and could actually enjoy and find some treat filled eggs. They were probably ecstatic!

They loved it! There was about 135 kids there at the Church and they sang songs and won prizes before they ran outside to find eggs. It's kind of funny because they'd practiced twice at preschool a day or two before, and knew exactly what to do. It was a fun time and I can't wait until next year!

Thanks to my friend Kathy Yager who had her camera in tow to take shots of her cute little "Yager Quads" (all boys) she snapped this of my kiddo's. Our kid's will be in the same class at our little school in a couple of years! Boy is that teacher in for it!

Be Blessed Everyone.