Friday, April 18, 2008

Kids and Cows

Yesterday evening, we did the nightly "walk down the road" thing. It's a ritual, and we religiously do it every evening once Spring comes. It's also called "entertainment to keep the kids occupied" until help arrives. I'm very smart like that ... knowing when to choose my battles with these kids. Ha~

See that concrete long thing in the background? I don't know what it's called, but I certainly know what to do with it. I pour "cow food" in it so the cow's come up close and eat the stuff. I guess I shouldn't call it stuff ... for it's not. It's highly nutritious. I know that, because we pay a Cow Dietitian a small fortune to tell us exactly what to, and how much, to feed each cow that ground up stuff in the bucket. All I know is that it brings the cows up to the fence and the kiddo's are very entertained. Tell me that's not using my noodle! ... and who says you have to be farm raised to know how to feed a cow?

Our Cows are kind of like my kids. They're on a tight schedule. My brother-in-law, Marlboro Man 2 (MM's identical twin brother) feeds these ladies like clock-work. Right on time twice a day, because the Cow Dietitian says too.

Then I come along and feed them twice a day. Once as we start walking down the road ... and once when we come back up the road. Sometimes I feel sorry for them and feed them even more. They follow along in the pasture as we walk, and the kids love them. Now these Cows are our pets, and we have them trained well. They wait for us every day at the fence as we pull in, .... just waiting to be fed again, and again, and again.

Especially this gal. She's pregnant and I like to think that I'm contributing to her overall good health ... so I feed her quite a bit more. Just the other day while she was standing there eating, she ask me how it felt to have triplets. I had to tell her the truth, so I told her I felt like a Cow towards the end. Let me tell you, she took it pretty personal and got really mad at me. Now she's not speaking to me. What nerve that hormonal heifer has!

MM and MM2 would be livid if they knew that the cows in the barn by our house get fed about five times a day. They'll never figure out where all the feed is going, because they don't think I have it in me to know what that long concrete thing is .... so I'm never telling.
My help arrived and took the kids on down the road. Same road. Same rocks. Same water puddle in the field. Everyday they play, "throw rocks in the water" ... and everyday it's as if it's a brand new game. It truly is great to live out here and have built in entertainment surrounding us right outside our door.

This should be getting filled up with rocks pretty soon. We've been throwing rocks in here for the past two years ...
I did forget to introduce you to this expecting young woman. Her name is Martha. I named her that because she has "Martha Davis Eyes" and she really does love me ... even if she's mad at me for the moment. She's a beggar, and she knows that if she poses for pictures, I'll feed her. She's smart like that.
Well, we'll see you on the next walk! It's time to hit the water hole again on the walk back up the road. It's a must ... Martha is waiting!
Be Blessed Everyone.