Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Cow Named Tammie

This brand new little girl didn't have a name until this morning. Now she does. Her name is Tammie. Marlboro Man calls her "#272." That is just so totally impersonal! I try to tell him that we woman are not just a number, but he didn't listen to me. He just rolled his eyes and shook his head at me, then ask if I was going to be hormonal today.

I named her Tammie because my virtual friend Tammie and the Hellions said, "I love cow's. Is that weird? OK, maybe it is weird, but I swear they are so adorable and sweet looking that I just want to run up and hug their sweet little necks. I am HIGHLY doubting that in suburban California I am going to ever have my chance to touch a cow, let alone hug it."

For a moment, I thought about mailing this one to her because we have way too many cows. Only thing is, when Tammie Jr. grows up ... Tammie and the Hellion's entire neighborhood won't be too happy.

I think I need to tell Tammie that Cows get really nervous in the city ... and they tend to raise their tail a lot and poop! Trust me, Cow poop is not like kid poop. I know Tammie and the Hellions does her share of poop, because she has triplets too (go check out her cutie's) ... but it's not Cow poop! She might not think this little baby cow is so adorable if she saw how often it poops.
Meg loves the baby calf's. She could play with them all day if we'd let her. It would probably upset her if we mailed her new baby to suburban California ... so we'd better keep her here on the farm and just invite Tammie and the Hellions to visit us here in Indiana this summer. The calf barn is Meg's favorite place. That and playing in the hay!

I have to tell you ... I quit following her around with a bottle of hand sanitizer! I finally figured it out that country kids need germs to grow, and besides that ... my sweet Mother-in-Law didn't have hand sanitizer in her day, and everyone grew up just fine. So these days, we'll just wash the cow poop off at the end of the day! I kid. I kid. Maybe a little more often than that! Maybe. Cute country kid, huh?

Be Blessed Everyone.