Monday, April 21, 2008


This morning, about 7:00am, Marlboro Man came walking in from milking the cows like he does every morning. ... but this morning he had his hand behind his back, and a awesome smile on his face ... and these beautiful Lilac's in his hand. He'd picked them from a bush he'd grown from a start, many years ago.

Long ago the coal mine came through the old home place where his Grandma and Grandpa had lived. .... and right before they bulldozed it, his Dad and him went over and dug up the Lilac bush for his Mother. He planted one too, and now we have this beautiful bush that belonged to his Grandma from a long time ago.

Just as he held them out for me, Meggie said, "Daddy, are they for me?" Being the wonderful Daddy that he is, he gave them to her, picked her up and swung her around and off they went to get a vase of water!

It made her day! Lucky little girl isn't she, to have a Daddy who brings her flowers!

It made my day too!

Be Blessed Everyone.