Sunday, April 20, 2008


First of all ... I am completely re-composed after a screaming tantrum and complete meltdown this morning involving these boots. I am just now able to show you the pictures, and tell you the story without having gall bladder attacks and heart palpitations. .... about the story: it ain't purty and it ain't mud! (click the pictures for a real good view)

My Mississippi kids came home for a quick 24-hour visit to see everyone, and we were going to get together for pizza around noon. Well .... we were late!
Reason: Marlboro Man was watching the kids, outside, while I was getting ready. Twenty minutes. Twenty minutes was all he had to do it. Just watch them for twenty minutes. Well, he did. He watched them.
He watched them run out to the barn. He watched them climb over the gate, and he watched them roll around and stomp through the "highly fertilized mud" that we have mounds of, in that barn. He watched them chase the cows out of the barn, and he watched them run across the field.
Then, when he saw me, and the look of horror on my face ... he took out running after them like he just noticed what they were doing. Then he brought the little poop covered yard-apes back in the house. I'm not talking to him at the moment! I might again in 2011, but for the moment ... he's getting the silent treatment!
All I can say is that next week I'm starting a new blog and changing my name. I'm going to be called "The City Wife."
After you all stop laughing, I do need some advice about this from ALL of you ... because your opinion does counts!
What would you do?
Be Blessed Everyone.