Thursday, April 3, 2008

Snow in the Barn

It snowed in one of the barns yesterday. Jay said they were "big fluffy snow's" in there, and they were soft. So I thought to myself. Wow! Snow in the barn .... they can play in it! That's cheap entertainment. So I let them take off their jackets and shoes and climb up and down the big pile ... in the barn. Then I sat down on a pile of dried cow poop and focused my camera!

They climbed up to the rafters in the barn and would slide down the huge pile to the dirt floor. Then they climbed over the big snow pile, through the loft and down the other side of the snow. All I had to do was just sit there and take pictures of them. I felt so proud ... not even a week into Spring and I found a barn full of snow for them to play in.

Who says girls can't do what? Meg didn't even lose a hair bow! She did her fair share of pushing the boys around too. They tumbled from one end of the barn to the other ... and not once did they get cold from playing in all that fluffy snow that snowed only in our barn.

Look at Sam's sock ... why he didn't even get it dirty! This sure is the cleanest snow I've ever seen in my life. They didn't get wet either! What the heck?!? What kind of snow is this?

"Hey Jay ... want me to cover you up with snow?"

Hi Dad! Want to play in the snow? This is fun! Come and see what we found.

"Hey Daddy ... it snowed in the barn. Lots of snow. Want to see?" Jay said.

.... and Daddy says, "Okay Sam, keep shoveling! Get every bit of that back in the barn. "Hup-Hup-Hup!"

"Meg ... let's talk about something here. If you want to buy makeup and lipstick at Wal-Mart some day, you can't jump in Daddy's Cottonseed pile. That cost Daddy $9,000.00 today, and Mommy shouldn't have let you all play in it just so she could take pictures. Daddy realizes that it was fun to throw it all out of the barn ... but if you want pink lipstick and ribbons, don't mess with Daddy's Cottonseed! Okay?!? .... now let's go tell the boys." (Poor Daddy)

Okay Cows! What are you looking at ...... you uppity heifers! Haven't you ever seen snow in a barn?

Be Blessed Everyone.