Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another Work Day on the Farm

Yesterday afternoon was just another work day on the farm! So we put the kids to work. It keeps them happy! Well ... really, it keeps me happy when they're busy!

Jay had out his little chain saw and was sawing down a few trees, and Meg and Sam were picking up limbs. They could work real hard because they had on their new Dora the Explorer and Diego rubber "garden gloves." Man, Lowe's saw us coming!

They were gung-ho to work until Marlboro Man revved up the real chainsaw ... then they ran! See that dirt that is going to be our garden? Well ... that is not dirt!
For the past few days I thought MM had disc the garden, then he just happened to mention when I ask what that smell was .. that he spread a little fer-ti-lizer on it. You know ... that good stuff! The stuff that we are so blessed to have in our barns.
The kids really did work hard yesterday. They always work hard and earn their keep. We have them trained well. They work hard ... I give them candy!
It's quitting time now, and time to call it a day! Here's the limb that MM cut down with his chainsaw!
Now here's the real skinny: Jay had his little chainsaw out and was pretending to work. He ask his Daddy if he could cut down a tree. MM gathered his little children and they walked all the way out to the shed and got the big saw. They walked all the way back to the far corner of the yard .. and he cut down this little bitty limb so the kids could carry it back. I followed them just so I could hear what they had to say.
Jay said, "I love you Daddy. We worked hard didn't we?" ... and they did. Together.
Be Blessed Everyone.