Friday, May 2, 2008

Woes at School

This evening while we were sitting at the table, Jay blurted out, "I got in trouble at school today." We just looked at each other. For surely this little man was going to tell all. Then he said, "I got time-out recess." Then we just looked at each other, and raised our eyebrows. Jay had a story to tell ... and we were going to hear it, and it sounded like this little man had brewed some troubles at preschool, and it might not be pretty. He was having some moments of guilt, and was on the verge of telling it.

But, before Jay could say more, Meg and Sam chimed in and told their version. Jay got in trouble and had to sit out recess, because he didn't color. At this point, Jay couldn't get a word in edge wise, and their story kept getting wilder and wilder.

As it ended ... Jay refused to color, broke a crayon and threw it, started to cry and had to sit on the teacher's lap during recess.

Poor Jay. It's hard to be three and have built in tattle-talers. They stole his thunder ... and told his moment of glory. What's a man to do?

Be Blessed Everyone.

p.s. Yes, that's whipped cream in his mouth. A kid has to eat something now doesn't he!?!