Sunday, May 18, 2008


Look like a cage? It is. We're caging them in. As fast as we can get it built.

Think they'll be able to climb it? They're kids! They can climb anything, and three heads are better than one! They'll find a way.
This really doesn't have a thing to do with the cage ... other this is the man that's building it. I just love to look at his arms, so that's why this picture is here. Okay?
He's about to get it. Just a few more bars and they're penned in. See Sam over to the side? That side is getting it too! We're not giving them a chance. They've already had way too many!
Now I'm feeling like a bad abusive parent when I look at these pictures ... caging my kids up like this. But they really do deserve it. They keep climbing out ... scaling the rail, and leaping down and running away.
There's those arms again!
Now they're ready to start on this side. We're not giving them a chance to escape again! We've already had to put extensions up on the fence. Extensions with points and they're still climbing over them! These are some really desperate kids we've got here. They want out!
Doesn't Jay look like he just can't believe that we're doing this to them. Talk about solemn and forlorn looking ... he's devastated. ... or is he devising a new plan???
Little Miss Perfect here really doesn't care what's going on around her ... as long as she doesn't have to do the work. Trust me though, when her legs hit the ground, she's usually in the lead when they escape.
Since they can't beat him ... they'll just join him and help build the darn thing!
Every once in a while, Jay still gets that "poor poor me" look! But isn't he cute when he gets it?
Sam is underneath learning how to work the drill. They're almost finished with today's project, and maybe we can relax and not worry that they're climbing the fence. I have my doubts!
Not really pretty huh? I don't think so either ... but they'll be contained and safe! Maybe.
But if not ... well, at least I got to look at those arms today!
Be Blessed Everyone.