Saturday, May 17, 2008

Snippets of a Boy

These are very busy boys. They work hard at what they do, and believe me ... they work a lot. They work the hardest at getting free. Their one and only goal once outside, is to get on the other side of the fence. Today they did, and they gathered everything they could find and carried it all over the yard. We sat and watched them work, and let them go.

They work well together, because they should. They think alike, they act alike, and they are alike. They are little brothers in a big world. As they carried this ladder all over the yard trying to find a place to put it, they talked about getting the "dinosaurs out of the pond, so they wouldn't eat the fish." They have very vivid imaginations these days, and I have to watch them like a Hawk and be aware of their every move. It's a Mother's job to keep them safe. My job.
They're fast, and they move on to new things in the blink of an eye. They're carpenters and builders, and construction workers. They're farmers and they drive trucks and trains. They drive school buses and tractors and they fix everything in their path.
... and they find mud holes. Because they're boys, and it's their job.
The sun shines on them, and they look golden and beautiful. They are care free little boys on a mission.
This is their pond. Where the Dinosaurs live.
... and they aren't even aware that their pond is one inch deep and twelve inches around. It's big to them, and they did the job they set out to do. We're now one less Dinosaur, and we saved the Fish!
They're my heroes! ... and when they see me watching them, they smile, and they know they are loved, and they are safe. It's my job.
Be Blessed Everyone.